People know I have been struggling with this, and I will write more in the future. For now:

When you keep repeating the same stuff over and over. you find different ways of saying it to make it seem original, and even make poetry,  but it is all by format. Sad. He hooked on this idea of “meditation” and stayed there until the idealized end, but little to nothing about doing and how to do it. No practicality. It took me decades to see it, imo because something was wrong with me. Thank ‘God’ I had another teaching.  And money was involved;  craving for beauty and vitality and setting up conditions to increase that for oneself is a form of currency which does involve accumulation. (This is a sticking point which may be difficult to understand.). There is a motive even though the teacher implies he does not have a motive, and that is wrong. Being poor is different. Of course all of this accumulation is held within the body. When you hold onto it, hold onto an image, you are STIFF. Look at the pictures.  Is that alive? Is it flowing? And if you take away the ‘beauty’ do not support the consensus around that, you will be shut down, at least verbally. remember, all of humanity are just the dumb masses:-)  So, in the flower is a worm, and that is subject for inquiry. There are people who actually studied this discrepancy factor within its various demonic modes of shape shifting and learned how to use it for actual and not pretend transformation.

All of this is just grist for the mill , at least for someone who is aware of the subject/oject relationship and experimenting with and studying how to turn that around and make exchanges within oneself for the sake of ones brother, but what if the teacher pretends there is not a motive? All well and fine on some level if he is not consciously aware he is doing it. But what if he DOES know he is doing it? That would be disingenuous.


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