I think I need to start writing here again, and I will write more frequently this time. So what is the origin of the Gurdjieff teaching? It is Tibetan Buddhism.  How sure I am of this? About 99.9 percent. There is a LOT of evidence it is so. Though I cannot appropriately give all of this evidence here,  I will give some of it in a future message.

This said, there has been a large and still strong ongoing response to one particular message, “What Krishnamurti Wrote About Gurdjieff.”  Many people have read this message from very many countries.  Assuming it is a matter of curiosity, that is perfectly understandable. If I had not already read that material, I would want to read it, too. What I am wondering–and I do not particularly like this term, but it hits the spot–is what these people are trying to “flesh out.” I am assuming that in most or even all of these cases it is not just idle research on a topic that has caught one’s fancy, but part of an individual search.

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