Am going to try to write more regularly now. Two topics Niko and I both are interested in are the comparison of the approach of the Chittamatrin (Mind Only) School of Buddhism to the approach of the Pransagika Madhyamika (Middle Way) School. This kind of focus significantly relates to the teaching of Krishnamurti and also Gurdjieff (which teachings many of the future readers here are probably interested in) and imo is a very productive simple way to begin to understand ones own mental processing. This subject also relates to the two aspects of truth which is probably the main defining characteristic of the Middle Way,  which school has a distinctive approach to working with this particular concept.

Secondly we are both interested in the subject of childhood trauma and how it may have possibly affected Krishnamurti. I had a quite traumatic childhood and feel this is related to my own strong attraction to K and also. because of my childhood I may have in this area a little more insight then the average person into how K’s childhood experience may have affected his subsequent responses when he was given an opportunity to wear fine clothes, receive lots of love and attention and then become “the great world teacher. I think he did rise to this occasion very creatively, and this is a wonderful testimony to human versatility coupled with the will to survive.


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