Was K disingenuous? Why ask this? Because not just what K said, but K himself,  K the (supposed) great world teacher, is for many the inspiration.  If K was disingenuous, that is human, and we all may be to some degree until we are “pure,” but if we take as the foundation of a topic the words of a human being who in actuality was disingenuous *at the time* he was presenting a teaching about being genuine and pure, even though *in a particular context* he  was, or, better put, appeared to be pure, then there is a significant discrepancy factor fot which the teaching being given does not in itself, include a check and balance.  In the future I would like to go into detail about this, so, technical case in point,  though K said the futue is now, the future is not now, as I am not going to do this now.

I understand that speaking about K possibly being disingenuous appears to some to be nitpicking because it does not cut to the chase of love and truth,  very beautiful experiences  (much like a sunset?) we all have had in relationship with K,  but if” K” is functioning for us as a golden cow,  ie. a symbol of an evolved human being, then there is behind this veil a  mental obscuration with no way to correct it, so here we come to the the subject of second order impressions, which could in some way be another term for thought.

What IS thought? Are there certain kinds and qualities of thought, and do we need thought to discriminate such?  I guess it is pretty easy to intuit where I will be going with this topic.

Happy holidays to all! It has been great, really wonderful!  Did you feel the spirit of Christmas (and maybe you/we still feel it)?  You do not have to have a Christmas tree or any of the other trappings to experience the spirit of Christmas.  Of course for some people the concept of Christmas is in so associated with commercialism and false values that they are unable to look past that.  So,  could this be said about experiencing the spirit of K’s teaching? Can we experience the spirit of that without being caught up in various other stuff, such as– did K lie? What IS stuff and how does it function in terms of the brain making distortions?

You know we do like inquiry here:-)

And thank you so much Niko for all of the time and effort you have put into making this blog!




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