This is intended to be an inquiry.

Many of us have had very powerful and deeply meaningful experiences when reading and/or listening to Krishnamurti, which experiences (at this point in my understanding, which understanding  is radically greater then it was when I first read K) I would advise others having these kinds of experiences to not place so much store in.  I, for one, being prone to very strong and vivid experiences of the kind labeled “mystical” almost immediately became deeply hooked after finding in a library  a book from the series, Commentaries On Living (forget which one) and then reading Freedom From The Known. As I wrote on a K forum many years ago,  I was so energized with joy I was practically dancing in the streets! My personal subjective experiences as a result of reading K were of many different varieties, but all  very powerful. I found another person my own age who was also reading K to dialogue with and we had many thrilling conversations.

I do feel sad to have to say it,  but by the experiences I had from reading K, which experiences were to me so vivid, beautiful and meaningful at the time, I was led on my personal spiritual quest (to which I had already dedicated my life at the age of fourteen)  very far off track. So how to understand what I am saying to you now? How to explain this so as not to just deconstruct Krishnamurti, but to also make a greater sense?

Put another way, the question arises, if you take away what to you does not make sense,  will you find underneath it, sitting there waiting for you, what actually does make sense?  Does this really make sense? So, is sense or meaning already intact and just waiting to be uncovered? The analogy is often used of peeling the layers off an onion, but we know if we do this, we do not ultimately come to the real onion. Another analogy is used in Buddhism which is maybe more practical–that of clouds obscuring the light of the sun.

To be continued…

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