Wry wrote -“To me it means believing in and/or grasping at something that simply isn’t true and then holding up this belief in front of oneself as an idol or an ideal….”   So what is it that K was saying that was simply not true? Actually he said many things that were blatantly not true, and many other things that were true, but, in short, he presented a so-called approach with the implication that such an approach would lead to inner freedom. He also seemed to put forth an image of himself (though he pretended not to do so) as someone who knew, a person with knowledge of how to be free. So how to be free? According to him it is effortless, as effort implies conflict and desire, but then he tells you to observe yourself, and, according to him (and me and presumably anyone who has ever tried to do so) this is very difficult to do.  He says it is  very difficult.

So lets take something that is true: a a tree is beautiful (generally speaking). Is such an observation wholistic or fragmented?  Imo it is fragmented. if you really see a tree, if you deeply look at it. you do experience a moment of integration which can be really profound, and if you have just read K and then looked at a tree or even as you are reading K talking about a tree. you may experience what K called meditation which state is extraordinarily flowing and beautiful, but interestingly and sadly it took me many years to realize that such a moment of integration is of little if any functional value in terms of human survival, which is why deep tree seeing (and probably deep anything seeing) is not written into ongoing daily human perception.  (There seems to be some kind of contradiction here in terms of what I just wrote, and I will go into this later).

But secondly, this tree is presumed to represent human relationship—he frequently segues into the subject of relationship after a tree seeing or sunset seeing soliloquy,  so if you are really attentive, if you watch your own responses “like a  cat watches a mouse, ”  then ultimately (but probably not right now), even though you may after reading K be experiencing some kind of release of tension, you will be able to be in conscious relationship, and there will be love, especially if you conveniently leave out the people part. The problem is that he conveniently skips the steps of the work a person will have to do\, ads why make an effort to go anyplace since you are already there. So go home, get in a fight, and then pick up a K book because alll work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Just keep reading K books and quotes and releasing energy until your imprinted drive function becomes corrupted ,and then anything you do will subsequently be effortless.  Of course when you pick up a K book, you do not desire anything. That is why you keep reading him over and over again until one day you get it, except you do not. This is a Zen koan:-)

Re the sarcasm, just letting off some steam in order to break the ice here, but do not intent to continue in this vein.

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